May 24th

My cousin was playing with glow sticks and he accidentally broke one. Then he thought it would be funny to wipe the gowly stuff on the inside all over me. I had it all over my legs and arms and a little on the face. I made sure not to get any in my mouth or eyes. Is this bad? Should I let my mom know and go to a Doctorr?
Also I don’t have the package, so I don’t know if they were bad. They were thebracelet ones.
I also took a shower and cleaned myself off.

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  • mallie g says:

    I don’t think so.
    They’re probably not good for you,but I don’t think you’ll die or anything.

    I used to rub that all over the place.
    But,a girl through the contents into my eye.
    It burned so bad,I thought I was going to be blind,but I flushed it out with water for a few minutes,and now I’m fine.

  • CountryGirl<3 says:

    They’re only toxic in large amounts.. like if you were to break a few open and drink the glo.
    Otherwise, they can’t hurt you.. You do wanna wash it off, like you said you took a shower, that’s good, cause if you leave it on too long it could irritate your skin.. even that’s not wouldn’t be “dangerous” though.

    We always break them open and paint our clothes + faces with them.. Nothing bad’s going to happen, don’t worry.

  • Grillparzer says:

    According to the package the chemicals inside are nontoxic but I wouldn’t make a habit of getting it on me. Washing it off was a good idea, but I wouldn’t expect any harm.

  • says:

    No. Your fine unless you actually swallowed a large amount, which you didn’t. We used to do this all the time. :)

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