May 10th

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  • Coop <3 says:

    Call poison control immedietely.

  • a.carter says:

    i dont wear contacts, but its happened to me too.

    just keep washing your eye with water. it’ll stop.

    & id take the contacts out.

  • Katie W says:

    1. take out ur contacts!
    2. rinse ur eyes out alot with water and/or i drops!
    3. if it still hurts then call poison control!

  • Don S says:

    Take out your contacts and flush thoroughly. The glow stick liquid is non toxic so flushing should suffice.

  • £i††£e §þ@zz says:

    Take out the contact and wash it. Flush out your eye with water. That’s happened to me plenty of times, it’s no need to call poison control :]

    I’ve swallowed it once too, lol it’s not poisonous. U’ll be fine!

  • big boss says:

    check the label
    you may have an infection see the doctor as soon as you can, it might get nasty

  • thephantom says:

    you sure it wasn’t Jizz and that it was a dick in your hand not a “Glow stick”?

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