May 14th

I went to a birthday party and about 3 hours ago.. anyway I swallowed a small amount of glow stick fluid. I don’t know if was the non-toxic kind, but I’m assuming no.. Australian supermarkets wouldn’t sell the toxic stuff to the public.. right?
Anyway, my esophagus burns. I drank some milk but it feels like cold burning. It’s not intolerable just uncomfortable. Should I be fine?
To the person asking how I managed to do this.. I’m an idiot, ok. My friend wanted me to cover her in it so she could glow all night so I bit it open.

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  • Dam says:

    Call posion control.

  • rhys says:

    that stuff has glass in it, you might wana find the packet and call the help lin on it

  • ~mommy of 2 beautiful girls~ says:

    you should call a doctor or if you have something like a poison control center like here in the states then you could call them

  • Melissa says:

    you should call the poison control or ask a nurse.

  • marty says:

    CallPOISON CONROL IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liam says:

    Its not toxic at all.

    The most it can cause is maybe a rash on the skin if you got any on your hands etc. The reason you’re feeling the burning sensation is because it’s causing irritation too the windpipe or stomach lining.

    Theirs been cases of 4 year olds or little children swallowing glowsticks themselves and nothing ever happens too them.

    Don’t worry about it ^_^.

  • mark says:

    Not lethal but the burning you feel is normal

    This website recommends something cold like ice cream

  • WHO WANTS TO KNOW? oh, just you. says:

    I would love to know how you managed to swallow that stuff. I think THAT may be the bigger problem.

  • *shell* says:

    youll b fine!…i swallowed tht alot b4. i just turn off the lights n look at my tongue n the mirror…its so cool!

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